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afire burning, as a house. [2 definitions]
aflame on fire; blazing. [2 definitions]
aflatoxin any of a group of toxic compounds produced by certain molds, esp. those in the genus Aspergillus. Consumption of food contaminated with these molds can cause liver disease and cancer.
AFL-CIO abbreviation of "American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations."
afloat on the water; floating. [6 definitions]
aflutter excited and nervous; fluttering.
afoot on foot; walking. [2 definitions]
afore before. [3 definitions]
aforementioned mentioned or cited previously.
aforesaid mentioned or said earlier.
aforethought planned or thought of in advance; premeditated.
a fortiori (Latin) for a strong reason; all the more so.
afoul entangled, in collision, or in conflict.
afraid feeling fear or apprehension. [3 definitions]
A-frame an upright supporting frame in the shape of an "A," or a house constructed with one or more such frames as its main structural supports.
afresh once again; anew.
Africa a continent of the Eastern Hemisphere south of Europe, between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
African of or having to do with Africa, or its people or languages. [2 definitions]
African American an American of African descent.
African-American of or pertaining to Americans of African descent or their combined American and African heritage.
African National Congress South African political party founded in 1912, whose struggle to establish majority rule and eliminate apartheid led to the establishment in 1994 of South Africa's first multi-racial, democratically-elected government.