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aggregate a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements. [6 definitions]
aggregation the act of collecting or being collected into a whole or mass. [2 definitions]
aggress to initiate an attack or quarrel; be the aggressor.
aggression unprovoked hostile action against a country by another's military forces. [3 definitions]
aggressive characterized by hostility in action. [2 definitions]
aggressor a person, group, animal, or nation that starts aggression against another.
aggrieve to distress or bring grief to; cause to suffer. [2 definitions]
aggro (chiefly British; informal) trouble; annoyance; irritation. [2 definitions]
aghast filled with terror or consternation; shocked.
agile quick and graceful in physical movement; nimble. [2 definitions]
agility the quality or state of being agile.
agitate to cause to move briskly or with force. [3 definitions]
agitation the act or process of disturbing or stirring up. [3 definitions]
agitato quick and restless or excited in movement or style; agitated (used as a musical direction).
agitator one who incites unrest or controversy, esp. one who does so for pay or to further a political cause. [2 definitions]
agitprop inflammatory political propaganda spread through literature, theater, music, and art, esp. as used in support of communism.
agleam shining brightly; gleaming.
aglimmer putting forth a faint or fluctuating light; glimmering.
aglitter reflecting a sparkling light; glittering.
aglow shining or filled with a soft light; glowing. [2 definitions]
agnostic one who believes it is impossible to know anything about the existence or nonexistence of God or about the essential nature of things beyond the material universe. [4 definitions]