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Algeria a North African country located between Morocco and Libya, formerly a French colony.
-algia pain.
algid cold; chill.
Algiers the seaport capital of Algeria.
Algol an eclipsing binary star in the constellation Perseus, having a magnitude that varies between 2.3 and 3.4.
Algonkian of, relating to, or designating the later of two geological periods of the Precambrian Era, from approximately 2.5 billion to 600 million years ago, when the first evidence of life appeared; Late Precambrian; Proterozoic. [4 definitions]
Algonquian a family of North American Indian languages spoken by tribes from Labrador to the Carolinas and from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains. [3 definitions]
Algonquin any of several Algonquian Indian tribes formerly living in the region of southern Canada and the St. Lawrence River, or a member of one of these tribes. [3 definitions]
algorism the system of numbering and calculating in Arabic numerals and decimals; decimal system.
algorithm a completely determined and finite procedure for solving a problem, esp. used in relation to mathematics and computer science.
alias a false or assumed name. [2 definitions]
alibi the legal defense of establishing one's location away from the scene of a crime during its commission. [4 definitions]
Alice Marble U.S. tennis player who won the U.S. tennis championship singles titles four times (1936, 1938-40) prior to working as a spy for U.S. intelligence (b.1913--d.1990).
alien a resident of a country who is not a citizen of that country. [6 definitions]
alienable legally transferable from one owner to another.
alienate to cause to become unfriendly or averse; estrange. [2 definitions]
alienation the act of alienating or the condition of being alienated. [3 definitions]
alienee in law, a person to whom property is transferred.
alienist a physician specializing in mental disorders, esp. one who testifies about mental competency in legal proceedings.
alienor in law, a person from whom property is transferred to another.
aliform shaped like a wing.