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an-2 to.
-ana collected items or information pertaining to (such) a subject.
ana- up or upward. [4 definitions]
Anabaptist a member of any of several Protestant sects formed in the sixteenth century that baptized only adult believers, opposed military service, and advocated the separation of church and state. [2 definitions]
anabasis any large-scale military expedition or march, esp. one from a coast to the interior.
anabatic pertaining to wind currents that rise because of heat pockets and the like.
anabiosis a returning to life after death or apparent death; resuscitation.
anabolic steroid a synthetic hormone sometimes used by athletes to increase muscle size or strength, but widely prohibited by athletic leagues, associations, and the like.
anabolism the process in living organisms by which complex structures are synthesized from simple ones, as body tissues from food.
anachronism the representation of something as existing or happening at a time when that thing did not exist or happen, or a similar presentation done in error. [2 definitions]
anacoluthon a sudden shift within a sentence from one grammatical structure to another, esp. when done for rhetorical effect.
anaconda any of several large nonvenomous constrictor snakes, esp. a certain South American tree snake that can grow to over twenty feet in length.
anadromous of various fishes, migrating from the ocean upstream to spawn.
anaemia variant of anemia.
anaerobe any of various microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, that are capable of living without air or oxygen.
anaerobic able to live or act in the absence of free oxygen. [2 definitions]
anaesthesia variant of anesthesia.
anagram a word or phrase formed by the transposition of letters of a different word or phrase.
anagrammatize to change (a word or phrase) into a new word or phrase by transposing the letters.
anal of or pertaining to the anus. [2 definitions]
analects a collection of selected passages or excerpts from one or more authors.