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Antigone in an ancient Greek tragedy by Sophocles, the heroine and title character, who buries her brother in defiance of a state edict and is executed.
antigovernment combined form of government.
antigrowth combined form of growth.
Antigua an island country of the eastern West Indies; Antigua and Barbuda. [2 definitions]
Antigua and Barbuda an independent state in the Caribbean Sea made up of three islands.
antiguerrilla combined form of guerrilla.
antigun combined form of gun.
anti-hero a central character in a story, novel, or play who lacks traditional heroic qualities, such as high purpose or moral strength.
antiherpes combined form of herpes.
antihijack combined form of hijack.
antihistamine any of various drugs used to treat allergies and colds by inhibiting the effects of histamine production in the body.
antihistorical combined form of historical.
antihomosexual combined form of homosexual.
antihumanism combined form of humanism.
antihumanistic combined form of humanistic.
antihumanitarian combined form of humanitarian.
antihunter combined form of hunter.
antihunting combined form of hunting.
antihydrogen the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen.
antihypertensive acting or tending to control hypertension. [2 definitions]
antihysteric combined form of hysteric.