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antiphlogistic acting to reduce inflammation or fever. [2 definitions]
antiphon a song or part of a song to be sung in response, often in a religious service.
antiphonary a collection of antiphons in book form.
antiphony singing or chanting done alternately or responsively by two groups.
antipiracy combined form of piracy.
antiplague combined form of plague.
antiplaque combined form of plaque.
antipleasure combined form of pleasure.
antipode a direct opposite.
antipodes places directly opposite each other on the surface of the earth, as the North Pole and the South Pole.
antipolice combined form of police.
antipolitical combined form of political.
antipolitics combined form of politics.
antipollution designed to decrease or stop pollution of the environment. [2 definitions]
antipope a person who declares himself pope in opposition to the pope elected by church laws.
antipopular combined form of popular.
antipornographic combined form of pornographic.
antipornography combined form of pornography.
antipoverty intended to diminish or end poverty.
antipredator combined form of predator.
antiprofiteering combined form of profiteering.