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anti-Semite one who is prejudiced against or hostile to Jews.
anti-Semitic prejudiced against or hostile toward Jews. [2 definitions]
anti-Semitism prejudice, discrimination, or hostility toward Jews.
antisentimental combined form of sentimental.
antiseparatist combined form of separatist.
antisepsis the killing of microorganisms that cause disease or decay.
antiseptic cleansed of harmful microorganisms. [4 definitions]
antiserum a serum containing antibodies to be injected in humans or other animals in order to immunize them against one or more diseases.
antisex combined form of sex.
antisexist combined form of sexist.
antisexual combined form of sexual.
antisexuality combined form of sexuality.
antishoplifting combined form of shoplifting.
antiskid combined form of skid.
antislavery against, contrary to, or opposed to slavery.
antisleep combined form of sleep.
antismog combined form of smog.
antismoking combined form of smoking.
antismuggling combined form of smuggling.
antismut combined form of smut.
antisocial opposed or harmful to the values, institutions, or laws of an organized society. [3 definitions]