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antiunemployment combined form of unemployment.
antiunion combined form of union.
antiuniversity combined form of university.
antiurban combined form of urban.
antivenin an antitoxin, esp. against snake venom, that is induced in animals by repeated small injections of the venom.
antiviolence combined form of violence.
antiviral combined form of viral.
antivirus any software program designed to identify, thwart, and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software programs. [2 definitions]
antivivisection opposition to experimentation performed on living animals, as in medical research.
antivivisectionist combined form of vivisectionist.
antiwar combined form of war.
antiwear combined form of wear.
antiwelfare combined form of welfare.
anti-West combined form of West.
anti-Western combined form of Western.
antiwoman combined form of woman.
anti-Zionist combined form of Zionist.
antler one of a pair of solid, bony, often branched horns of the male deer and related animals.
antlerless combined form of antler.
ant lion any of several lace-winged insects whose larvae dig holes in which they trap ants or other insects for food.
antonomasia the substitution of a title or epithet in place of a name, as in calling a princess "her highness". [2 definitions]