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antlerless combined form of antler.
ant lion any of several lace-winged insects whose larvae dig holes in which they trap ants or other insects for food.
antonomasia the substitution of a title or epithet in place of a name, as in calling a princess "her highness". [2 definitions]
antonym a word having a meaning opposite to that of another word.
antrum a cavity within a bone, such as the pair of sinuses in the upper jaw that open into the nose.
antsy (informal) restless, esp. nervously or impatiently so; fidgety. [2 definitions]
Anubis in Egyptian mythology, the god, represented with a jackal head, who leads the dead to judgment.
anuresis partial or total failure of the kidneys to produce and secrete urine, or blockage which inhibits normal urine excretion.
anuria the condition characterized by the inability to urinate.
anus in anatomy, the opening at the lower or rear end of the intestines, through which solid waste matter is excreted.
anvil a heavy, flat-topped metal block on which metal objects, often after heating, are hammered into shapes. [3 definitions]
anxiety a mental state characterized by uneasiness, distress, and worry; apprehension. [2 definitions]
anxious feeling uneasiness, worry, or dread. [3 definitions]
any one or some of a certain thing, no matter which, how much, or how many. [7 definitions]
anybody any person; anyone.
anyhow in any way at all. [3 definitions]
anymore any longer. [2 definitions]
anyone any person; anybody.
anyplace in or to any place; anywhere.
anything any occurrence, thing, or topic, without restriction. [3 definitions]
anytime at any moment, hour, or day; whenever. [2 definitions]