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apraxia a disorder that prevents certain complex muscular movements, caused by damage to the brain.
a pretty penny (informal) a high price or large amount of money.
apricot a soft round fruit with fuzzy orange-pink or yellow skin. [3 definitions]
April the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty days.
April fool one upon whom a trick or practical joke is played on April Fools' Day.
April Fools' Day the first day of April, when tricks and practical jokes are customarily played on unsuspecting people.
a priori proceeding from cause to effect or from the general to the particular; deductive. [3 definitions]
apron a garment covering all or part of the front of the body, usu. worn to protect the wearer's clothing. [3 definitions]
apropos appropriate; relevant; opportune. [4 definitions]
apse a projection at the end of a church or other building, usu. having a domed or arched roof.
apt appropriate; suitable. [4 definitions]
apt. abbreviation of "apartment," a room or set of rooms used as living space by a single household and usu. located in a building containing a number of such rooms or sets of rooms.
apterous having no wings or parts resembling wings, as certain insects.
apteryx see "kiwi."
aptitude ability to learn quickly. [2 definitions]
aptitude test a test intended to measure the probable ability of an untrained person to perform well in a particular job or course of study.
apyretic having no fever.
aqua a light greenish blue or blue-green color. [2 definitions]
aquaculture the cultivation of water plants, fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animals in controlled freshwater or saltwater environments.
Aquadag in electronics, trademark for the graphite coating on the inside of some cathode ray tubes.
aqua fortis see "nitric acid."