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araroba a bitter yellow medicinal powder obtained from cavities in the trunk of a Brazilian tree; Goa powder. [2 definitions]
araucaria a cone-bearing evergreen native to the Southern Hemisphere and grown as an ornamental elsewhere.
Arawak a member of an Indian people once widespread throughout the West Indies, now living chiefly in northern South America. [2 definitions]
Arawakan a family of South American Indian languages that includes Arawak.
arbalest a medieval missile-launching weapon whose design is similar to that of a crossbow.
arbiter someone who has the authority to decide an issue or settle a dispute; arbitrator.
arbitrage the purchase of a security or commodity in one financial market and its immediate resale in a different market, used as a way to profit from the difference in market prices. [3 definitions]
arbitrager one that engages in arbitrage.
arbitrament the act of arbitrating. [2 definitions]
arbitrary resulting from whim or caprice instead of from a rule or reason. [3 definitions]
arbitrate to decide as an arbiter. [4 definitions]
arbitration the consideration and decision of an issue or dispute by an arbiter. [2 definitions]
arbitrator a person chosen to mediate and resolve disputes or controversies. [2 definitions]
arbor1 an arrangement of trees, vines, shrubs, or flowers, often supported by a lattice framework and forming a shady bower or shelter.
arbor2 the shaft or axis which turns or supports a rotating cutting tool such as a lathe.
arbor3 in botany, a tree.
Arbor Day in the United States, a spring day set aside for the planting of trees in the community.
arboreal of, like, formed by, or pertaining to trees. [2 definitions]
arborescent treelike in shape or size.
arboretum a place where trees are grown for scientific study and display.
arborist a person with specialized knowledge of trees and experience in their care.