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arrest to slow down; impede; stop. [6 definitions]
arresting capable of attracting and holding attention. [2 definitions]
arrhythmia any abnormality in the rhythm or strength of the heartbeat.
arris in architecture, the edge, ridge, or line made when two surfaces meet at an angle, as in a molding.
arrival the act of reaching a certain place or goal. [2 definitions]
arrive to reach a certain place or goal. [2 definitions]
arrivederci (Italian) until next time; good-bye (used to suggest that the separation will be brief).
arriviste one who has recently attained wealth, status, or the like, often in suspect or dishonest ways; parvenu; social climber.
arrogance the condition or quality of being arrogant; excessive belief in one's superiority; excessive pride. [2 definitions]
arrogant having or displaying an attitude of inflated self-importance or pride. [2 definitions]
arrogate to claim presumptuously for oneself without just cause. [2 definitions]
arrondissement in France, the highest administrative unit within a department. [2 definitions]
arrow a slender pointed or tipped shaft that is shot from a bow. [3 definitions]
arrowhead the wedge-shaped barb on the striking end of an arrow. [3 definitions]
arrowroot a plant of tropical America whose root is dried and pulverized to produce a nutritious starch. [2 definitions]
arroyo a steep ditch or gully, usu. dry, carved in a plain or desert by drainage of heavy rainfall.
arsenal a building used for the storage or manufacture of weapons, munitions, and other military equipment; armory. [3 definitions]
arsenate an ester or salt of arsenic acid.
arsenic a poisonous chemical element that has thirty-three protons in each nucleus and occurs in brittle, grayish white crystalline masses or in yellow or black allotropes. (symbol: As) [2 definitions]
arsenic acid a poisonous, water-soluble white powder that is used in the making of arsenates, medicines, and insecticides.
arsenical composed of or involving arsenic. [2 definitions]