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artillery mounted large-caliber weapons, such as cannons or rocket launchers, used in land warfare and manned by a crew. [3 definitions]
artisan a person skilled in making things, esp. with the hands; craftsperson.
artist a person who is skilled at painting, sculpting, music, writing, or the like. [3 definitions]
artiste an artist, esp. a public performer such as a singer, dancer, or actor. [2 definitions]
artistic of or relating to art or artists. [3 definitions]
artistry the artistic quality of a product, or the artistic skill of a producer. [2 definitions]
artless free of deceit and cunning; guileless. [3 definitions]
art nouveau (sometimes cap.) a style of art in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, notable for motifs taken from nature and expressed with curved lines.
art room a room in a school where art is taught and where art materials are kept.
artsy-craftsy (informal) involving or given to arts and crafts.
artwork pictorial or illustrative work, as for a book or a magazine article. [2 definitions]
arty (informal) displaying an affected or ostentatious artistic manner or interest.
arugula a plant of the mustard family having flat, green leaves that have a distinctive pungent taste and are often used as salad greens.
arum any of a family of plants, such as jack-in-the-pulpit, with arrow-shaped leaves and bearing a flower, at the tip of a long spike, that is enclosed by a hoodlike leaf. [2 definitions]
-ary a person, thing, or place associated with, belonging to, or pertaining to. [2 definitions]
Aryan a person belonging to or claiming to be a descendant of the prehistoric peoples who spoke the hypothetical parent language of Indo-Europeans. [4 definitions]
arytenoid of or pertaining to either of a pair of small cartilages at the back of the larynx to which the vocal chords are attached. [3 definitions]
As symbol of the chemical element arsenic.
as1 equally; to the same extent or degree. [11 definitions]
as2 an ancient Roman unit of weight equal to approximately twelve ounces; libra. [2 definitions]
as- to.