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asthenia loss or lack of physical strength; weakness; debility.
asthma a chronic respiratory disorder characterized by labored breathing, wheezing, and a feeling of tightness in the chest, often caused by an allergy.
asthmatic suffering from asthma. [3 definitions]
as though as if.
astigmatic pertaining to or having astigmatism. [3 definitions]
astigmatism an irregularity in the curvature of a lens, including that of the eye, that prevents rays of light from meeting in a single focal point, resulting in an indistinct or distorted image. [2 definitions]
astilbe any plant of the genus Astilbe, having small red, white, or pink flowers.
astir in action; moving. [2 definitions]
as to with regard to; concerning. [2 definitions]
astonish to fill, suddenly, with great surprise or amazement.
astonishing extremely surprising or amazing.
astonishment great surprise or amazement.
astound to overcome with surprise, awe, or wonder; amaze.
astounding causing tremendous surprise or wonder; extremely amazing.
astraddle having one leg on each side; astride.
astrakhan a lustrous curly or wavy fur made from the pelts of young lambs. [2 definitions]
astral of, concerning, emanating from, or resembling the stars; stellar. [2 definitions]
astray off the right or known path or course. [2 definitions]
astride over or upon and with a leg on each side of; straddling. [4 definitions]
astringent having the effect of drawing together, esp. of contracting body tissues so as to stop secretions or bleeding; styptic. [4 definitions]
astro- star.