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atelier a workshop or studio of an artist or artisan.
a tempo in the same tempo as before (used as a musical direction after a slower or faster passage).
at every turn in every case or instance.
at fault responsible for mistakes or errors.
at first on the first occasion or in the beginning.
at first blush when first observed; at first glance.
at full blast (informal) at maximum speed or capacity.
at full tilt at maximum speed.
at gunpoint under the threat of being shot.
Athabaskan a group of American Indian languages spoken by western tribes from Alaska and northwest Canada down through the coastal regions of Oregon and California. [3 definitions]
Athapaskan variant of Athabaskan.
atheism the belief that there is no God.
atheist one who believes that there is no god or gods.
Athena in Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, the arts, and strategic warfare; Minerva.
athenaeum an institution or society for the promotion of learning. [2 definitions]
Athenian of or pertaining to Athens or its inhabitants, culture, government, or the like (used esp. of classical Athens). [2 definitions]
Athens the capital of Greece in modern and classical times.
atherosclerosis a form of arteriosclerosis in which deposits of fatty nodules collect on the inner walls of arteries, often accompanied by degeneration of the affected areas.
athirst eager, as for knowledge or experience.
athlete a person who participates in sports or other physical activities, often as a competitor. [2 definitions]
athlete's foot a common contagious skin infection characterized by itching and scaling, and caused by fungi that thrive in warm moist places, such as between the toes.