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a whale of a (informal) an exceptionally large or fine example of a (class of objects or persons).
awhile for a brief period.
awkward deficient in physical skill or grace; clumsy. [4 definitions]
awl a small, sharply pointed tool used to make holes in leather, wood, or the like.
awless combined form of awe.
awn in botany, any of the thin bristles found at the tip of some leaves, esp. those of grasses.
awning a protective structure, often made of canvas, erected over a door or window.
awnless combined form of awn.
awoke past tense and past participle of awake.
awoken a past participle of awake.
AWOL abbreviation of "absent without leave," absent without permission from assigned military duty, but not necessarily with the intention of deserting.
awry off center; twisted or turned. [2 definitions]
ax a heavy cutting tool with a blade mounted at the end of a long handle, used esp. for chopping wood. [4 definitions]
axes1 pl. of axis.
axes2 pl. of ax.
axial of, concerning, or functioning as an axis. [2 definitions]
axil the upper angle between a leaf, flower, twig, or the like, and the stem or branch from which it grows.
axilla an armpit or a corresponding part, such as the area under a bird's wing. [2 definitions]
axillar (usu. pl.) any of the feathers that grow under a bird's wing. [2 definitions]
axillary in anatomy, of, relating to, or in the region of the axilla. [3 definitions]
axiology a branch of philosophy that examines the nature of value and various types of values, as in morals, metaphysics, religion, or the like.