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bacchanal any drunken party or orgy. [3 definitions]
Bacchanalia (l.c.) any wild or drunken party; orgy. [2 definitions]
bacchant a priest, priestess, or worshiper of Bacchus. [4 definitions]
bacchante a female bacchant; maenad.
Bacchus in Greek and Roman mythology, the god of wine and merrymaking; Dionysus.
bach (informal) to live and take care of oneself alone, as a bachelor does.
bachelor an unwed man, esp. one who has never married. [2 definitions]
Bachelor of Arts an undergraduate degree conferred on a person who has completed a curriculum in the liberal arts. (abbr.: B.A.)
Bachelor of Science an undergraduate degree conferred on a person who has completed a curriculum in science, technology, or the like. (abbr.: B.S.)
bachelor's-button any of several plants with long stalks and round flowers resembling buttons, such as the cornflower and some daisies.
bachelor's degree a degree that you get after finishing a program of studies at a college or university.
bach it to take care of the house oneself.
bacillary rod-shaped. [2 definitions]
bacillus any rod-shaped bacterium that is active only in the presence of oxygen, or one composed of a chain of rod-shaped elements. [2 definitions]
bacitracin an antibiotic that is used externally in the treatment of skin infections.
back the part of a human or other vertebrate that is on the opposite side from the chest and abdomen and between the neck and the tailbone. [15 definitions]
backache a pain in the back, esp. a persistent one in the lower back.
back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often repeatedly. [2 definitions]
backbeat a primary accent on the second and fourth beats of a four-beat measure, common in popular music; secondary beat.
backbencher a junior legislator, esp. in Great Britain's House of Commons, who is not one of his or her party's leaders.
backbite to criticize harshly or speak badly of (an absent person).