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bark1 the harsh sound made by a dog. [7 definitions]
bark2 the outside covering of the trunks, branches, and roots of woody plants. [3 definitions]
bark3 a sailing ship with between three and five masts, all but one of which are square-rigged.
bark beetle a small weevil, the adults and larvae of which burrow under the bark of conifers and other trees to feed on the inner bark, often causing great damage.
barkeeper a person who manages or owns an establishment selling alcoholic beverages. [2 definitions]
barkentine a ship with three or more masts, square-rigged on the foremast, and fore-and-aft rigged on the others.
barker1 one that makes a barking noise. [2 definitions]
barker2 a person or machine that removes bark from trees or prepares it for use in tanning leather.
barley a cereal plant bearing bristled grains on densely packed spikes. [2 definitions]
barleycorn barley, or a seed of the barley plant. [2 definitions]
barm yeast foam that appears atop fermenting malt liquors.
barmaid a woman who mixes or serves drinks in an establishment selling alcoholic beverages; bartender.
barman a man who mixes or serves drinks in an establishment selling alcoholic beverages; bartender.
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy's adulthood and the assumption of his religious duties, usu. occurring at the age of thirteen. (Cf. bat mitzvah.) [2 definitions]
barmy containing, resembling, or full of barm; yeasty, foamy, or frothy. [2 definitions]
barn a large farm building designed to house livestock or store equipment or produce.
barnacle any of a large group of marine crustaceans that are free-floating as larvae, but attach to submerged or intertidal surfaces such as wharves, rocks, ship bottoms, and the like, and form sharp-edged shells as adults. [3 definitions]
barn dance a social gathering for dancing, often held in a barn and featuring square dances.
barn owl a brown and white owl that lives in barns and feeds on rodents.
barnstorm to travel through rural areas giving performances, political speeches, exhibition contests, or the like. [3 definitions]
barn swallow a small insect-eating bird with dark blue and tan plumage and a deeply forked tail, that often nests in barns and similar structures.