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bawdyhouse a house of prostitution; brothel.
bawl to cry or shout in a loud and insistent voice. [3 definitions]
bawl out (informal) to scold or reprimand harshly.
bay1 a body of water partly surrounded by land, esp. a recessed area along a shoreline; large cove.
bay2 a part of a room that juts out from the rest of the building, usually containing a set of windows. [2 definitions]
bayberry any of several types of shrubs or trees found esp. in the eastern United States that bear a waxy, gray fruit. [2 definitions]
bay leaf the dried leaf of one of two plants of the laurel family, used to season foods.
bay lynx the bobcat of North America.
Bay of Bengal a bay of the Indian Ocean bordered largely by India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
bayonet a knifelike weapon that attaches to the muzzle end of a rifle for use in close combat. [3 definitions]
bayou a marshy lake or slow-moving or stagnant river tributary, found esp. in the southeastern United States.
bay rum a fragrant liquid made from bay leaves and rum or bay leaf oil mixed with alcohol and water, used esp. in toiletries.
bay window a windowed section protruding from the outer wall of a building, so as to form an alcove within.
bazaar a street market or market area lined with vendors, esp. in the Middle East. [3 definitions]
bazooka a shoulder-held, cylindrical rocket-launcher that fires an armor-penetrating shell.
BB a small shot of .18 inch diameter, used in an air rifle or air pistol.
BBC abbreviation of "British Broadcasting Corporation."
BB gun an air gun that shoots BB shot.
bbl. abbreviation of "barrel," or "barrels," a unit of capacity, varying from thirty-one to forty-two gallons in the United States.
BBQ abbreviation of "barbeque," a party, often held outdoors, at which meat and sometimes vegetables are roasted on a grill or spit over an open fire.
B.C.1 abbreviation of "before Christ" (used in designating dates in history, now usually replaced by "BCE," "before the common era").