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beautification the process of making (something) beautiful, or the results of such a process.
beautiful delighting the senses; having beauty; lovely. [3 definitions]
beautify to make beautiful.
beauty the quality of being beautiful or pleasing to the senses; loveliness. [4 definitions]
beauty parlor an establishment that offers haircutting and styling services, and sometimes manicures or facials.
beauty salon an establishment that offers a full range of beauty and grooming services, including hair-styling, manicures, and facials.
beauty shop see "beauty parlor."
beauty spot a tiny dark mark or patch applied to the face or shoulders, esp. by a woman to accentuate the fairness of her skin. [2 definitions]
beaux a plural form of beau.
Beaux-Arts pertaining to the eclecticism, monumentality, and opulence of French architecture in the late nineteenth century. [3 definitions]
beaver1 an amphibious rodent with a thick brown pelt, a wide flat tail, and front teeth used as chisels to fell and strip small trees in the building of its damlike habitat. [3 definitions]
beaver2 an armor plate attached to a helmet or breastplate that protects the face and neck.
becalm to make (a sailing vessel) motionless from lack of wind.
became past tense of become.
because for the reason that.
because of on account of; by reason of.
beccafico any of several small European songbirds, sometimes eaten as a delicacy.
bÍche-de-mer a wormlike marine animal; trepang. [2 definitions]
beck a gesture of beckoning; summons.
beckon to signal to come, esp. with a gesture. [3 definitions]
becloud to cause to be in shadow; darken with clouds. [2 definitions]