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billowy surging or swelling in, or full of, billows.
billposter one who is hired to post notices or advertisements.
billy a club, esp. that of a policeman; billy club.
billy goat a male goat.
bilobate having two lobes.
bimanual using, or requiring the use of, both hands.
bimbo (slang) a woman, esp. one considered to be stupid, silly, or sexually promiscuous.
bimetal made of two metals. [2 definitions]
bimetallic composed of two metals. [2 definitions]
bimetallism the use of two metals, usu. gold and silver, at fixed values in relation to each other, as the monetary standard of currency and value. [2 definitions]
bimodal having or exhibiting two distinct modes or forms.
bimonthly appearing or occurring every two months. [3 definitions]
bin a storage container or space, as for such things as firewood, foods, or coal, or for things that will eventually be discarded. [2 definitions]
bin- two; both.
binary consisting of or characterized by two parts or components. [4 definitions]
binary star two stars orbiting around a common center of gravity and often appearing as one to the unaided sight or through a telescope; double star.
binary system a numbering system with a base of two. In binary numbers, any number can be expressed by 1, 0, or a combination of these. The number five is written as "101" in the binary system.
binate produced in two parts or pairs, as certain leaves.
binational of, pertaining to, composed of, or involving two nations.
binaural having two ears. [3 definitions]
bind to make secure by fastening, as with cord or the like. [13 definitions]