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board foot a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
board game any game, such as chess or backgammon, in which pieces are moved on a specially marked board.
boardinghouse a residence that provides rooms and meals to paying lodgers.
boarding school an elementary or secondary school at which the students live as well as take classes.
board of education an appointed or elected group that supervises one or several school systems at the town, city, county, or state level; school board.
board of health a department of municipal, county, or state government that supervises public health and sanitation.
boardroom a room where a board of administrators or directors holds meetings.
boardwalk a walkway built of wooden boards, esp. a promenade at a beach.
boast to talk with an excess of pride, esp. about oneself; brag. [5 definitions]
boastful tending to boast or characterized by boasting.
boat a small, open vehicle for traveling on the surface of the water. [4 definitions]
boathouse a small building or shed built near or partly over the water's edge, and used to store boats.
boating an act, instance, or process of using a boat for pleasure, as in rowing, canoeing, or sailing. [2 definitions]
boatload the load of passengers or cargo that a boat can or does carry.
boatman one who uses boats with skill. [2 definitions]
boat people refugees fleeing from a certain country or region in small, unseaworthy boats, esp. those who fled Indochina in the late 1970s.
boatswain a warrant officer on a warship, or in domestic service a petty officer responsible for a ship's gear such as rigging, anchors, and the like.
boat train a passenger train whose route runs between a city or other terminus and a ship's port.
bob1 a quick dipping motion; a nod up and down. [4 definitions]
bob2 a style of short haircut, usu. for women and children. [5 definitions]
bob3 a light tap or blow. [3 definitions]