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boom box a portable stereo radio with built-in speakers, a carrying handle, and usu. a cassette or CD player, capable of producing loud sound.
boomerang a curved wooden club designed to return to the thrower when hurled, used as a hunting weapon by Australian aborigines. [3 definitions]
boon1 something beneficial, as a favor or blessing.
boon2 congenial; jolly.
boondocks (slang) isolated, rural countryside (usu. prec. by "the").
boondoggle unnecessary, wasteful, or impractical work; make-work. [3 definitions]
boonies (slang) isolated, rural countryside (usu. prec. by "the").
boor a rough-mannered or insensitive person. [2 definitions]
boorish of or resembling a boor; rude; ill-mannered; crude.
boost to raise to a higher position by pushing from below. [6 definitions]
booster someone or something that boosts. [4 definitions]
booster shot an injection of an immunizing agent, given at some time after an original series of such injections, to maintain immunity.
boot a covering for the foot and all or some of the leg, usu. made of leather or rubber and worn for protection. [10 definitions]
bootable combined form of boot.
bootblack one whose occupation is cleaning and polishing boots and shoes.
boot camp a military installation at which U.S. Navy or Marine recruits receive basic training.
booted having or wearing boots.
bootee a baby's soft, boot-like sock, usu. knitted or crocheted. [2 definitions]
Bo÷tes a spring constellation in the northern sky, located between Corona Borealis and Virgo and containing the bright, orange star Arcturus; Herdsman.
booth a stall or compartment meant to accommodate one person or a small group. [2 definitions]
bootjack a forked device used to grip the heel of a boot while the foot is withdrawn.