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Bordeaux a port city in southwestern France. [2 definitions]
bordelaise sauce (sometimes cap.) a dark sauce for meat, made of stock, flour, wine, onions, and seasoning.
bordello a house of prostitution; brothel.
border the outer part; edge; boundary. [6 definitions]
borderland land that is at or near a border; frontier. [2 definitions]
borderless being without a border or borders.
borderline at or near a boundary. [2 definitions]
border on to almost be such; verge on.
bore1 to make a hole in with an instrument such as a drill. [7 definitions]
bore2 to weary with repetition, monotony, or dullness. [2 definitions]
bore3 tidal water that rises abruptly to form a wave as it moves inland.
bore4 past tense of bear1.
boreal of or pertaining to the north, esp. the wind from the north.
bored finding something tedious or dull; uninterested.
boredom the state of being bored; dullness; ennui.
borer a machine or other device designed to bore holes. [3 definitions]
boric of, relating to, containing, or derived from boron.
boric acid a white crystalline compound used as a mild antiseptic and in making glass, enamels, fireproofing materials, and other products.
boring1 the act or process of making a hole or other opening with a drill or similar tool. [3 definitions]
boring2 causing one to be bored; tedious; monotonous; dull.
born brought into life by birth or in like manner. [4 definitions]