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brimless combined form of brim.
brimstone sulfur.
brindle a brindled color. [2 definitions]
brindled brownish or gray with darker spots or streaks.
brine water containing a high concentration of salt. [4 definitions]
bring to take, lead, or carry toward the speaker or from one place to another. [3 definitions]
bring about to cause to come into being; make happen.
bring around to encourage (one) to accept a certain line of thought; convince. [2 definitions]
bring down to overthrow or cause to fall. [2 definitions]
bring into play to put into motion or effect.
bring up to take care of a child until the child is an adult. [2 definitions]
brink the edge or brim of a slope or cliff. [2 definitions]
brinkmanship the practice of seeking advantage by pursuing a dangerous course of action to the brink of disaster.
briny of or like brine or salt water; very salty. [2 definitions]
brio sprightliness or vivacity; vigor.
brioche a sweet, airy bun or roll made with butter, yeast, flour, and eggs.
briquette a small brick or cube of charcoal or compressed coal dust, used as fuel in cooking.
bris the Jewish practice of circumcising boys eight days after birth; Brith; Brith Milah
brisk active or energetic; lively; quick. [3 definitions]
brisket in livestock, the part of the chest adjacent to the ribs, or the meat derived from it.
brisling a small fish of the northeastern Atlantic; sprat.