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buck-passer (informal) a person who tends to shift responsibility to somebody else.
buckram a stiff cotton fabric used esp. in the binding of books and in the lining of some clothes. [2 definitions]
bucksaw a saw with handles at either end, used for cutting wood.
buckshot large-sized lead pellets fired by a shotgun.
buckskin the hide of a deer, esp. a male deer. [4 definitions]
buckthorn any of various thorny trees or shrubs that bear small greenish flowers and purple berries. [2 definitions]
bucktooth a conspicuously projecting upper front tooth.
buck up (informal) to cause to recover one's morale or courage.
buckwheat any of several plants with edible seeds that are often made into flour. [2 definitions]
bucolic of or suggesting the countryside or a rustic style of life, esp. one that is quiet and pleasant. [2 definitions]
bud1 a swelling on a plant that can develop into new parts, such as leaves or a flower. [7 definitions]
bud2 (informal) used to address a male, usu. one whose name is unknown and sometimes in a condescending or hostile tone.
Budapest the capital of Hungary.
Buddha the title earned by the Indian religious philosopher and teacher who founded Buddhism. (See Siddhartha.) [2 definitions]
Buddhism a spiritual philosophy and religion, founded in the sixth century B.C. by Buddha and widespread in Asia, that teaches release from the self and from one's earthly desires.
Buddhist one who follows the teachings of Buddhism. [2 definitions]
buddy (informal) a friend; pal. [2 definitions]
buddy-buddy (informal) having or showing great friendship.
budge to change or begin to change position slightly (usu. used negatively). [4 definitions]
budgerigar a brightly colored Australian parakeet, bred as a domestic pet.
budget a list of anticipated expenses and income for a certain period. [3 definitions]