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bullfrog a large North American frog with a distinctive loud, deep croak.
bullhead any of various freshwater fishes such as the catfish or sculpin, named for their large heads.
bullheaded perversely unwilling to change one's opinion or intended action; stubborn.
bullhorn an electronic, usu. portable megaphone or loudspeaker that can amplify the voice or other sounds.
bullion silver or gold considered simply as a quantity of metal rather than as currency or as a product such as jewelry. [2 definitions]
bullish resembling a bull in size or power. [3 definitions]
bull mastiff a strong short-haired dog produced by crossbreeding a bulldog and a mastiff.
bull-necked having a neck that is short and thick.
bull nose a contagious disease in pigs caused by a bacterial infection and marked by a kind of swelling in the snout and mouth that destroys tissue.
bullock a bull that has been gelded; steer. [2 definitions]
bull pen an enclosure for keeping bulls. [3 definitions]
bullring an arena where bullfights are held. [2 definitions]
bull's-eye the center of a target, usu. marked with a circle. [3 definitions]
bullshit (vulgar slang) lies, exaggerations, boasts, or the like. [5 definitions]
bull terrier any of a breed of dog developed as a cross between the bulldog and the terrier, having a short, light-colored coat.
bullwhip a long rawhide whip with a plaited lash and a knotted end. [2 definitions]
bully1 someone who repeatedly harasses and intimidates those weaker than himself. [5 definitions]
bully2 a form of beef preserved by pickling or canning; bully beef.
bullyrag to bully, abuse, or intimidate.
bulrush any of various plants that grow in marshes or swamps, such as cattail, rushes, and papyrus.
bulwark a wall or wall-like structure, often made of earth and used for defense; rampart. [4 definitions]