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bureaucratize to manage or control (a government or other large organization) using bureaucratic methods, or to introduce such methods in.
Bureau of Labor Statistics a research agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that collects and compiles statistical information, providing such measures as Consumer Price Index, inflation rate, and unemployment rate.
burette a perfectly cylindrical tube with a stopcock near the bottom, used esp. by chemists for measuring out precise amounts of liquid.
-burg city or town; burg.
burg (informal) a town, village, or city.
burgeon to start to grow; send forth shoots, leaves, buds, or the like (often fol. by "out" or "forth"). [2 definitions]
burger a cooked ground beef patty, usu. served as a sandwich; hamburger. [2 definitions]
burgess a citizen who lives in an English borough.
burgh a town in Scotland that has been incorporated by governmental charter; borough.
burgher someone who lives in a town or city, esp. one who belongs to the middle class.
burglar someone who forces entry into a building in order to commit robbery.
burglarize to break into a building with the intention of committing a crime, esp. stealing.
burglary the act of breaking into a building with the intent of committing a crime, esp. stealing.
burgle (informal) to force entry in order to commit robbery; burglarize.
burgomaster the mayor or chief magistrate in a Dutch, Austrian, German, or Flemish town or city.
Burgundy a region in central France. [3 definitions]
burial the act or process of putting something underground, esp. a dead body.
burial ground a place where ancient or primitive civilizations buried their dead, or a place where many soldiers were buried after a battle.
burin a pointed tool with a round handle, used for engraving metal or carving stone.
burka a long, loose garment that covers the face and body, worn in public by many Muslim women with a space left open for the eyes and typically covered by a mesh screen. [2 definitions]
burke to suppress quietly. [2 definitions]