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burp gun see "machine pistol."
burr1 a protrusion or roughness left on a surface as a result of cutting or casting. [3 definitions]
burr2 a harsh, trilled pronunciation of the letter "r," like that of the Scots. [5 definitions]
burr3 a variety of limestone containing silica, or a millstone made of it; buhrstone.
burrito in Mexican cooking, a flour tortilla stuffed with meat, cheese, beans, or the like.
burro a donkey, esp. a small one used to carry supplies.
burrow a hole or tunnel dug by certain animals, such as rabbits, for use as a hiding place or dwelling. [5 definitions]
burry1 covered with or full of burs. [2 definitions]
burry2 of speech, as in the dialect of Scotland, having a burr.
bursa a sac in the body, esp. one filled with fluid, that acts to protect against friction, as in a joint.
bursar a person who is responsible for monetary matters, esp. at a college or university; treasurer.
bursitis a painful disorder caused by the inflammation of a bursa, esp. in a joint of the shoulder, elbow, or knee.
burst to break, open up, or explode suddenly, usu. because of internal pressure. [8 definitions]
burst out to suddenly begin (doing something), as if having exploded.
Burundi a central African country between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
bury to cover in the ground with dirt. [6 definitions]
bury one's head in the sand to refuse to confront reality or the facts; avoid the truth.
bury the hatchet to forget past conflicts; make peace.
bus1 a large motor vehicle with many seats, usu. used for public transportation. [3 definitions]
bus2 to clear (tables), as in a restaurant.
busboy a man or boy who works in a restaurant setting tables, clearing dishes, or the like.