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butterfly stroke a vigorous swimming stroke performed face down in which the arms are lifted simultaneously forward and brought back through the water while the legs move simultaneously up and down.
butter knife a small knife with a dull edge, used to cut, serve, or spread butter.
butterless combined form of butter.
buttermilk a sour liquid residue of butter-making, used as a drink or in cooking. [2 definitions]
butternut a deciduous tree of North America, related to the walnut. [2 definitions]
butternut squash a yellow, bell-shaped winter squash.
butterscotch a flavoring or candy prepared from butter, brown sugar, and other ingredients. [2 definitions]
butter up (informal) to praise insincerely in hope of reward.
buttery1 like, containing, or covered with butter. [2 definitions]
buttery2 a storeroom for liquor and provisions of a household; larder.
butt in (informal) to mix into or intrude in other people's affairs.
buttock (usu. pl.) either of the rounded, fleshy parts of the human body behind the pelvis. [2 definitions]
buttocks the rounded parts of the human body at the base of the spine that are used to sit on.
button any of various small, usually round, fasteners which are attached to a garment and designed to slide through a slit or loop. They may also be used purely for decoration. [7 definitions]
button-down with the collar tips held down with buttons.
buttonhole a small slit in a garment through which a button can be fastened. [3 definitions]
buttonhook a small, usu. metal hook used to pull buttons through their holes, esp. on shoes and gloves.
buttonless combined form of button.
button tree a West Indian tree or shrub that bears hard, button-shaped fruit and yields heavy, compact wood.
buttonwood a North American tree related to the sycamore, which bears a nonedible button-shaped fruit and yields hardwood suitable for timber.
buttress a structure that gives support to the outside of a building by absorbing excessive outward thrust. [4 definitions]