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by oneself alone or without help; also myself, herself, himself, yourself, yourselves, ourselves, and themselves.
bypass a highway that is built to go around an obstacle or an area of congestion such as a city. [5 definitions]
by-path a path that is indirect or rarely used.
by-play less important action that takes place at the same time as the main action, esp. in a play.
by-product a product or result that is a secondary consequence of some process or action.
by reason of because of.
by rights according to principles of fairness and justice.
by-road a secondary road; side road.
Byronic of, concerning, or resembling Byron or his works, esp. by being melodramatic, passionate, melancholy, or ironic.
bystander someone who is present at an occurrence only by chance or does not take part in it.
byte in computers, a basic unit of operation, usu. equal to eight binary digits or bits.
by the book according to the rules; in the proper form or manner.
by the bye incidentally; by the way.
by the same token for the same, or a similar, reason.
by the seat of one's pants by experience and intuition, not by plans or instruments.
by the skin of one's teeth (informal) by an exceptionally thin margin; with little to spare.
by the way used to add something into a conversation that is on a different subject.
by virtue of because of.
by water by way of a boat or ship.
byway a little-known or private road. [2 definitions]
by way of by going through or along; via. [2 definitions]