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cantus firmus an established melody to which other elements are added in a polyphonic composition.
can't wait to feel extremely excited in anticipation of something.
canvas heavy, tightly woven cloth, usu. of flax, hemp, or cotton, used for making sails, tents, and protective coverings. [3 definitions]
canvasback a North American wild duck, the male of which has a reddish head and a whitish back.
canvass to seek votes, contributions, or sales from (a group or a district). [8 definitions]
canyon a deep, narrow chasm with steep sides, often with a stream flowing along the bottom.
canzone a lyric poetry form used by Provenšal or Italian troubadours in the thirteenth century.
caoutchouc crude rubber obtained from the milky juice of rubber trees or plants.
cap1 a soft, close-fitting head cover, often with a peak or visor but without a brim. [9 definitions]
cap2 a capital letter. [3 definitions]
cap.2 abbreviation of "capacity."
cap.1 abbreviation of "capital," "capitalize," or "capitalized."
capability the characteristic of being qualified or able; capacity. [3 definitions]
capable having the ability to perform as required; competent. [3 definitions]
capacious able to contain a large amount; roomy.
capacitance in an electrical capacitor, the ratio of charge on either or both of a pair of conductors to their electrical potentials. [2 definitions]
capacitor a device for collecting and storing an electric charge, usu. consisting of two conductors with equal, opposite charges, separated by an insulator; condenser.
capacity the ability to receive, absorb, or contain. [6 definitions]
cap and bells a cap with bells on it, once worn by court jesters; fool's cap.
cap and gown a mortarboard and robe worn at certain academic ceremonies such as graduation.
cap-a-pie from head to foot; completely.