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cast pearls before swine to offer or provide something of value to persons who cannot understand or appreciate it.
castrate to remove the sexual organs of, esp. the testicles; geld. [2 definitions]
Castries the capital of St. Lucia.
cast steel steel shaped by casting rather than rolling or forging.
cast the first stone to be the first to accuse someone of wrongdoing.
casual occurring by chance; unplanned; accidental. [6 definitions]
casualty a member of the armed forces removed from active duty as a result of being killed, wounded, captured, or missing in action. [3 definitions]
casuist one who is expert in, or tends to resort to, casuistry.
casuistry the application of general ethical principles in determining right and wrong in particular cases. [2 definitions]
casus belli (Latin) an event or occurrence that provokes or serves as a pretext to declare war.
cat1 a small carnivorous furry mammal, usu. kept as a pet or to catch mice and rats. [4 definitions]
cat2 (informal) a vehicle with moving treads, esp. a Caterpillar tractor.
cata- down. [4 definitions]
catabolism the metabolic breakdown, in living organisms, of complex substances into simpler ones. (Cf. anabolism.)
catabolize to undergo or cause to undergo catabolism.
cat about (slang) to hunt about for sex partners.
catachresis the incorrect use of a word or words. [2 definitions]
cataclysm a violent natural event, esp. an upheaval causing a sudden change in the earth's crust, or a great flood. [2 definitions]
catacomb (usu. pl.) an underground burial tunnel, lined by recesses for the tombs. [2 definitions]
catafalque a raised platform on which a dead body, usu. in a coffin, rests during or prior to an elaborate funeral.
catalepsy a condition, often associated with epilepsy and schizophrenia, in which the body becomes numb and the limbs rigid, and the victim loses consciousness or fails to respond to external stimuli.