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caveat emptor the principle that one who buys something does so at his or her own risk.
cave dweller a human being who lives or lived in a cave.
cave in to collapse inward. [2 definitions]
cave-in a collapse inward, as of the walls of an underground mine.
cave man one who lives in a cave, esp. a prehistoric human being; cave dweller. [2 definitions]
cavern a large cave. [3 definitions]
cavernous containing a number of caverns. [2 definitions]
caviar sturgeon eggs, salted and eaten as a delicacy.
cavil to make petty criticisms or objections; carp (usu. fol. by "at" or "about"). [3 definitions]
cavity a hollow or hollowed-out place.
cavort to prance about; romp; caper.
cavy any of a number of tailless or short-tailed rodents originally of South America, including the guinea pig, capybara, and agouti.
caw the cry of the crow or raven, or any harsh sound resembling this cry. [2 definitions]
cay a small, low-lying island or reef; key.
cayenne any of various pepper plants bearing usu. red pods, some varieties of which are very hot and spicy. [3 definitions]
cayman variant of caiman.
Cayuga a member of a tribe of North American Indians that formerly lived near Cayuga and Seneca Lakes in upstate New York, and that belongs to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
Cayuse a member of a tribe of Indians that formerly lived in northeast Oregon. [3 definitions]
CB abbreviation of "citizens band," a series of short wave frequencies set aside by the federal government for private use.
CBC abbreviation of "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."
CBS abbreviation of "Columbia Broadcasting System."