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Cd symbol of the chemical element cadmium.
CD-ROM an abbreviation for "compact disk, read only memory."
CDT abbreviation of "Central Daylight Time."
Ce symbol of the chemical element cerium.
C.E. abbreviation of Common Era or Christian Era.
ceanothus any tree or shrub of the genus Ceanothus, having clusters of blue or white flowers.
cease to stop or come to an end. [3 definitions]
cease-fire a temporary suspension of hostilities; truce. [2 definitions]
ceaseless continuous and unending.
cecropia moth (sometimes cap.) a very large North American moth that has wide brown wings with crescent-shaped red and black markings.
cecum a cavity opening at only one end, esp. the pouch at the head of the large intestine.
cedar any of several cone-bearing evergreen trees of the pine family with aromatic, durable wood. [3 definitions]
cedar waxwing a brownish North American bird that has a crested head and red wing tips.
cede to give up or surrender, esp. formally.
cedi the chief monetary unit of Ghana, equaling one hundred pesewa.
cedilla a diacritical mark (), placed under certain letters in French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian to indicate a particular pronunciation, as, in French, the sound of "s" for the letter "c".
ceil to furnish with a ceiling. [2 definitions]
ceiling the top interior surface of a room. [3 definitions]
celandine a plant of the poppy family that has deeply divided leaves, yellow flowers, and a yellow-orange fluid in its stem. [2 definitions]
Celebes an Indonesian island east of Borneo; Sulawesi.
celebrant one who officiates at a religious ceremony, as a priest at communion. [3 definitions]