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ceiling the top interior surface of a room. [3 definitions]
celandine a plant of the poppy family that has deeply divided leaves, yellow flowers, and a yellow-orange fluid in its stem. [2 definitions]
Celebes an Indonesian island east of Borneo; Sulawesi.
celebrant one who officiates at a religious ceremony, as a priest at communion. [3 definitions]
celebrate to observe or commemorate (an occasion or event), as with gifts, festivities, or special rituals. [4 definitions]
celebrated famous, usu. for some achievement or talent.
celebration the act of celebrating. [2 definitions]
celebrity one who is famous. [2 definitions]
celerity speed in human action or motion; alacrity.
celery a plant cultivated for its crunchy, edible stalk and for its leaves and seeds, used as seasoning.
celery salt a seasoning that consists of ground celery seed and salt.
celesta a small keyboard instrument fitted with a set of graduated metal plates that produce bell-like sounds when struck with hammers.
celestial of or pertaining to heaven. [6 definitions]
celestial body a natural object found outside earth's atmosphere, such as a planet, moon, star, or asteroid.
celestial equator a great circle, corresponding to the earth's equator, on the celestial sphere.
celestial navigation navigation based on the position of the sun, moon, and stars.
celestial pole either of two points in the celestial sphere that the earth's axis would intersect if it were extended.
celestial sphere the infinitely large, imaginary sphere around the earth in which the stars, planets, and other celestial objects seem to be located.
celiac having to do with the abdomen or the abdominal cavity. [2 definitions]
celiac disease a disease caused by an inability to properly digest gluten, characterized by malnutrition and diarrhea.
celibacy the state of being unmarried, esp. as the result of a religious vow. [2 definitions]