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center the point that is in the exact middle of something, or that is equidistant from all points on a boundary. [9 definitions]
centerboard on a sailboat, a flat wooden or metal keel that can be raised or lowered for greater stability while the boat is in motion.
center field in baseball, the center area of the outfield, which extends behind second base. [2 definitions]
center fielder in baseball, the player who is stationed in center field when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
centerfold the facing pages at the center of a magazine, often used for a large photograph or other graphic display. [2 definitions]
centerless combined form of center.
center of a circle the fixed point that is equidistant from all points that form a circle.
center of gravity that point in or near a body or mass about which all of its parts are in perfect balance.
center of mass the point at which the mass of an object or system of objects can be considered to be concentrated.
center of rotation a fixed point around which a figure rotates.
centerpiece an ornament or decoration occupying a central location, esp. the center of a dining table.
center punch a pointed tool used in metalworking to mark and indent the place where metal is to be drilled.
centesimal pertaining to or involving division into hundredths.
centesimo a monetary unit of Panama, San Marino, Uruguay, and Vatican City. [2 definitions]
centi- one hundredth. [2 definitions]
centiare a unit of area equal to one square meter or 10.764 square feet.
centigrade see Celsius.
centigram a unit of weight equal to one hundredth of a gram or 0.154 grain.
centiliter a unit of capacity equal to one hundredth of a liter or 0.338 fluid ounce.
centime a monetary unit of several countries, including Chad, Algeria, Haiti, and Niger. (Cf. franc, dinar, gourde.) [2 definitions]
centimeter a unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter or 0.3937 inch. (abbr.: cm)