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chalet a house common in the Swiss Alps, having balconies, and wide eaves. [3 definitions]
chalice a drinking goblet, esp. that used for the Eucharist wine. [2 definitions]
chalk a soft whitish limestone derived mostly from minute sea shells. [6 definitions]
chalkboard a smooth panel to be written on with chalk; blackboard.
chalk up to score; earn. [2 definitions]
chalky of, containing, or covered with chalk. [2 definitions]
challah a type of leavened egg bread, usu. braided, traditionally eaten by Jewish people on the Sabbath and religious holidays.
challenge a provocative or stimulating invitation to enter into a battle or other contest of skill. [7 definitions]
challenging constituting a test of one's skill, strength, or ability. [2 definitions]
challis a soft, light, plain-woven fabric in a solid color or small print.
chalybeate containing or impregnated with salts of iron. [3 definitions]
chamber a room, esp. a bedroom. [6 definitions]
chamberlain an official in charge of receiving fees for a municipality; treasurer. [3 definitions]
chambermaid a woman whose job is to clean and straighten hotel rooms or bedrooms.
chamber music music that is written for a small number of instruments, such as a string quartet, and suited for performance in an intimate setting.
chamber orchestra a small orchestra that plays pieces suited to its size.
chamber pot a small, portable, pot-shaped receptacle for urine and other waste, usu. kept in a bedroom, esp. one that is some distance from a toilet.
chambray a light, fine fabric woven with white horizontal threads and colored vertical threads.
chameleon any of a variety of lizards capable of changing skin color to blend with the environment.
chamfer a flat face or surface formed by cutting off a corner or edge. [2 definitions]
chamois an antelope native to high mountain regions of Europe. [5 definitions]