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chancellery the office or position of chancellor. [3 definitions]
chancellor the head of state in Austria or the Federal Republic of Germany. [4 definitions]
chance-medley a sudden violent quarrel resulting in spontaneous homicide.
chancery in law, a court having jurisdiction over matters not covered by common law; court of equity. [4 definitions]
chancla (Spanish) a type of sandal; flip-flop.
chancre a hard ulcer or sore, esp. the first obvious lesion of syphilis.
chancroid an infectious, nonsyphilitic bacterial ulcer, usu. on or near the genitals; soft chancre.
chancy uncertain in outcome; risky.
chandelier a light fixture, often decorative, suspended from a ceiling and bearing multiple lights.
chandler a person who produces or sells candles. [2 definitions]
change to alter the content or form of. [18 definitions]
changeable capable of changing; likely to change; variable; inconstant; fickle. [2 definitions]
changeful having a tendency to change; inconstant.
changeless unchanging, invariable, or immutable; constant.
changeling a baby secretly substituted for another.
change of life menopause.
change one's mind to make a different decision from the one made before.
change one's tune to change one's ideas, attitudes, behavior, or the like.
changeover the process of conversion from one system or condition to another.
change ringing the art of ringing a harmoniously tuned set of bells or chimes in every possible sequence without repetition.
changing becoming different; shifting; varying.