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chauffeur one employed to drive an automobile. [2 definitions]
Chautauqua a lake in southwestern New York, or the village located on this lake. [3 definitions]
chauvinism zealous or excessive patriotism. [2 definitions]
chauvinist one who has a biased belief in the superiority of one's own sex over the other.
chawbacon (slang; often derogatory) an ignorant, uncouth person from a rural area; yokel; bumpkin.
cheap bearing a low price; relatively inexpensive. [8 definitions]
cheapen to cause to become cheap or cheaper. [4 definitions]
cheap-jack one who deals with or sells inferior, shoddy items. [3 definitions]
cheap shot an unnecessarily vicious remark or action against someone who has no ready defense. [2 definitions]
cheapskate (informal) one who is stingy; miser.
cheat one who cheats; swindler; fraud. [11 definitions]
check an assessment or search to make sure something is correct or in order. [19 definitions]
checkable combined form of check.
checkbook a booklet of blank forms that can be used to pay out money from a bank account.
check-box a small empty square printed next to an item on a form, test, or list, to be filled in with a check or other mark to indicate choice or completion. [2 definitions]
check-cashing card a card given by a store. It allows a person to write a check to buy something from that store.
checker1 one of the disks used as a game piece in checkers, a game played by two persons, each having twelve disks to be moved over a board divided into sixty-four squares of two alternating colors. [4 definitions]
checker2 one that checks. [3 definitions]
checkerberry the wintergreen plant or its red, spicy, berrylike fruit.
checkerboard a surface marked into eight rows and columns of squares of two alternating colors, usu. red and black, and used as a game board for checkers or chess. [3 definitions]
checkered patterned with squares. [3 definitions]