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chow chow see chow2.
chowder a thick soup typically containing clams, fish, or corn, with potatoes and onions in a milk or tomato base.
chow mein a Chinese-American dish of stewed bean sprouts, other vegetables, and bits of chicken, seafood, or meat, poured over fried noodles.
chrism a consecrated oil mixed with balsam and used by some churches in certain rites, such as baptism. [2 definitions]
Christ in the New Testament, the designation of the Old Testament "Messiah". [2 definitions]
christen to baptize, sometimes simultaneously giving a formal name to. [3 definitions]
Christendom the parts of the world where Christianity is the most common religion. [2 definitions]
christening the sacrament of baptism, usu. involving the formal naming of a child. [2 definitions]
Christian of, concerning, or derived from the person, actions, or teachings of Jesus Christ, or the religion based on these teachings. [5 definitions]
Christian Era in Christianity, the era beginning at the birth of Jesus Christ, about 1 A.D.
Christianity the Christian religion, including its many sects. [4 definitions]
Christianize to convert to Christianity. [2 definitions]
Christian name one's given or baptismal name, as distinguished from one's family name.
Christian Science a religion based on Christian scripture that was founded in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century and that teaches that disease and illness can be treated by spiritual means.
christie (sometimes cap.) in skiing, any of several maneuvers for turning, slowing down, or stopping, esp. while keeping the skis parallel.
Christmas December 25, celebrated in Christianity as the birth date of Jesus Christ. [3 definitions]
Christmas cactus a Brazilian cactus with flat fleshy spineless stems that is widely cultivated as a houseplant for its showy red flowers.
Christmas Eve the evening or day before Christmas.
Christmastide the portion of the year associated with Christmas, often December 24 to January 6.
Christmas tree a real or imitation evergreen tree, usu. mounted indoors and decorated with lights and ornaments at Christmas.
Christopher Columbus an Italian navigator and explorer, and leader of the Spanish expedition that landed in America in 1492 (b.1451?--d.1506).