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cion variant of scion.
cipher the sign 0; naught or zero. [7 definitions]
ciprofloxacin an antibiotic used in the treatment of bacterial infections.
circa about; approximately.
circadian denoting or concerning behavioral or physiological activities that recur at about twenty-four-hour intervals, such as sleep rhythms.
Circadian rhythm the approximately 24-hour cycle apparent in plants and animals that regulates hormone production, cell regeneration, sleeping and feeding patterns, and the like. [2 definitions]
Circe in Greek mythology, an enchantress who turns sailors into swine.
circle a closed curve along which every point is the same distance from a fixed center point. [8 definitions]
circlet a little circle, esp. a narrow round band worn as an ornament for the head.
circuit a usu. circular line or route around an enclosed area. [8 definitions]
circuit board a backing, panel, or card, often insulated, on which electronic circuits and other components are set or imprinted.
circuit breaker a switch or other device that automatically interrupts the electric current when a circuit is overloaded or extremely stressed in another way.
circuit court a court that can hold sessions in different locations in a judicial district. [2 definitions]
circuitous having or taking a long and winding course or procedure; roundabout; indirect.
circuit rider a clergyman who travels to preach in different parts of an area or district.
circuitry the plan or design of the elements in an electric circuit. [2 definitions]
circular having the shape of a circle; round. [5 definitions]
circular file (informal) a wastebasket.
circularize to send circulars to, or to advertise with circulars. [3 definitions]
circular saw a power saw featuring a disk-shaped blade that is rotated at high speed. [2 definitions]
circulate to move or flow continuously along a closed path or system. [4 definitions]