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circumference the outer boundary of a circle or other curvilinear figure or area; perimeter. [2 definitions]
circumflex one of several diacritic marks, especially ( ˆ ), placed over a vowel to indicate a certain sound or quality. [3 definitions]
circumfluent flowing all around.
circumfuse to spread (something such as a fluid) around a wide area. [2 definitions]
circumlocution the use of roundabout, indirect, or evasive language in speech or writing. [2 definitions]
circumlunar revolving around or surrounding the moon.
circumnavigate to go entirely around, esp. by sailing.
circumpolar moving around or close to one of the poles of the earth or of the celestial sphere.
circumscribe to draw a line around. [3 definitions]
circumsolar revolving around or surrounding the sun.
circumspect characterized by prudent consideration of circumstances or consequences; discreet; cautious.
circumstance an occurrence or fact associated with or having an impact on an event or situation. [6 definitions]
circumstantial of, pertaining to, or depending on circumstances. [2 definitions]
circumstantial evidence facts that are not direct evidence of an action, but that, in a court of law, may support an inference about that action; indirect evidence.
circumstantiate to supply circumstances or particulars as evidence, proof, or description of.
circumterrestrial revolving around or surrounding the earth.
circumvallate encircled by or as by a wall, rampart, or trench. [2 definitions]
circumvent to manage to avoid or evade, esp. by clever maneuvering. [2 definitions]
circus a traveling show that usu. includes performances by acrobats, clowns, and trained animals, or the performers and equipment of such a show. [3 definitions]
ciré a smooth shiny finish, as on a fabric, produced by treatment with wax and heat. [2 definitions]
cirque a circular basin or hollow in an upper end of a mountain valley sometimes containing a pond.