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clearheaded possessing an alert, perceptive, wide-awake mind.
clearing an open plot of land, as in the middle of a forest.
clearinghouse a central place where materials or information are collected or maintained, esp. for distribution. [2 definitions]
clearly in a clear manner. [2 definitions]
clearness the quality or state of being clear, plain, or distinct.
clear off to get away; escape.
clear out to remove persons or things from. [2 definitions]
clearsighted having clear vision. [2 definitions]
clearstory variant of clerestory.
clear the decks to prepare for combat or some other activity by eliminating anything that might interfere.
cleat a metal or wooden object with two armlike projections, to which a rope or line may be secured, as in boating. [5 definitions]
cleavage the act of cleaving or the state of being cleaved. [4 definitions]
cleave1 to adhere tightly; stick fast (usu. fol. by "to"). [2 definitions]
cleave2 to cut apart by a splitting blow. [6 definitions]
cleaver a heavy, wide-bladed, axlike knife, esp. used by butchers.
cleavers (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a plant of the madder family that bears small white or yellow flowers and has prickly stems.
clef any of the four signs placed on a musical staff to indicate the pitch at which the notes are to be played.
cleft a past tense and part participle of cleave2. [3 definitions]
clematis any of various climbing plants bearing white, pink, red, or purplish flowers.
clemency the inclination to be merciful or forgiving; leniency. [3 definitions]
clement inclined to be merciful or forgiving; lenient. [2 definitions]