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comet a heavenly body orbiting the sun and having a nucleus surrounded by a nebulous sheath that may form an elongated tail when the body comes close to the sun.
come through to continue to live or exist.
come to to regain consciousness.
come to blows to start to fight, esp. physically.
come to grief to have a bad end; fail.
come to grips with to deal with directly; cope with. [2 definitions]
come to life to become lively or vigorous. [3 definitions]
come to naught to fail or be useless.
come to pass to take place; happen.
come up to arise.
comeuppance (informal) a reprimand or other unpleasant penalty for one's previous bad behavior.
come up with to search one's memory or use one's imagination to produce a word, name, idea, or the like. [2 definitions]
comfit a candy with a nut or fruit center.
comfort to give (someone) relief and strength in trouble or distress. [5 definitions]
comfortable having a feeling of well-being or bodily ease. [3 definitions]
comforter one who comforts. [2 definitions]
comforting serving or intending to relieve grief, worry, or other distress. [2 definitions]
comfortless combined form of comfort.
comfort station a public toilet or lavatory.
comfy (informal) comfortable.
comic of, relating to, or characterized by comedy; comical or comedic. [6 definitions]