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command post the headquarters from which a commander directs a military unit.
commedia dell'arte a type of Italian comedy developed in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries in which masked players depicted stereotyped characters in stock situations.
comme il faut (French) according to convention; as it should be; properly.
commemorate to serve as a reminder of or memorial to. [2 definitions]
commemoration the act of commemorating. [2 definitions]
commemorative serving to honor or act as a memento of someone or something. [2 definitions]
commence to begin or have a beginning; start.
commencement in schools or colleges, the graduation ceremony or day. [2 definitions]
commend to cite with praise, as for some act or service. [3 definitions]
commendable worthy of notice and praise.
commendation the act of commending. [2 definitions]
commendatory commending or praising.
commensal eating a meal together. [4 definitions]
commensurable measurable by the same standard.
commensurate of equal measure, as extent or duration. [3 definitions]
comment a written or spoken statement of observation or opinion. [8 definitions]
commentary a series of explanatory or interpretive remarks or comments. [3 definitions]
commentate to give a commentary on. [2 definitions]
commentator one who provides a commentary, esp. one who reports news along with background information or interpretation in a radio or television broadcast.
commerce the exchange of goods or services for money; business transactions. [2 definitions]
commercial of or relating to trade or business. [4 definitions]