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compound fraction see "complex fraction."
compound fracture a fracture in which the broken bone has torn through the skin.
compound interest interest earned or paid on both the original principal and the accrued unpaid interest. (Cf. simple interest.)
compound leaf a leaf composed of two or more leaflets on a single stalk.
compound microscope a microscope in which two lenses of differing focal lengths are mounted in an adjustable tube.
compound number a quantity expressed in two different but related units of measure, as dollars and cents or pounds and ounces.
compound sentence a sentence composed of two or more independent clauses, which are usu. linked by a conjunction, such as "The sky darkened and the wind howled".
comprehend to understand or grasp the meaning of. [3 definitions]
comprehensible understandable; intelligible.
comprehension the act, process, or product of comprehending; understanding. [3 definitions]
comprehensive wide or all-inclusive in range or scope. [3 definitions]
compress to press into less space, or condense as though pressing together. [4 definitions]
compressed pressed or squeezed together. [2 definitions]
compressed air air subjected to greater pressure than the surrounding atmosphere, esp. by mechanical means.
compression the act or process of pressing down on or together, causing flattening or condensing. [3 definitions]
compression ratio in an internal-combustion engine, the ratio of the largest to the smallest volume of a cylinder measured at the top and bottom of the piston stroke.
compressor something that compresses, esp. a device for compressing and condensing gases to drive machinery.
comprimario a singer who sings secondary operatic roles.
comprise to include. [2 definitions]
compromise a settlement of differences by partial concession of demands by each party, or the result of such a settlement. [7 definitions]
compromising risking or endangering one's principles or reputation.