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compound sentence a sentence composed of two or more independent clauses, which are usu. linked by a conjunction, such as "The sky darkened and the wind howled".
comprehend to understand or grasp the meaning of. [3 definitions]
comprehensible understandable; intelligible.
comprehension the act, process, or product of comprehending; understanding. [3 definitions]
comprehensive wide or all-inclusive in range or scope. [3 definitions]
compress to press into less space, or condense as though pressing together. [3 definitions]
compressed air air subjected to greater pressure than the surrounding atmosphere, esp. by mechanical means.
compression the act or process of pressing down on or together, causing flattening or condensing. [3 definitions]
compression ratio in an internal-combustion engine, the ratio of the largest to the smallest volume of a cylinder measured at the top and bottom of the piston stroke.
compressor something that compresses, esp. a device for compressing and condensing gases to drive machinery.
comprimario a singer who sings secondary operatic roles.
comprise to include. [2 definitions]
compromise a settlement of differences by partial concession of demands by each party, or the result of such a settlement. [7 definitions]
compromising risking or endangering one's principles or reputation.
comptroller variant of controller.
compulsion coercion or constraint; act of compelling. [3 definitions]
compulsive able to compel; compelling. [3 definitions]
compulsory required or obligatory. [2 definitions]
compunction uneasiness about the propriety or suitability of an action; qualm. [2 definitions]
computation the act of computing. [3 definitions]
compute to calculate by mathematical operations. [5 definitions]