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consonant shift a historical change or linked series of changes in the sound of consonants in a language or language family.
consort a wife or husband, esp. of a royal personage. [5 definitions]
consortium a combination of nations, companies, or the like, formed to provide large amounts of capital for a joint enterprise. [2 definitions]
conspectus a general overview; survey. [2 definitions]
conspicuous easily seen; noticeable. [2 definitions]
conspicuous consumption the accumulation of expensive goods and property in order to impress others.
conspiracy a secret agreement or plan among two or more persons to perform a crime or other wrongful act. [4 definitions]
conspirator a person who is involved in a conspiracy.
conspire to secretly agree or plan to perform a crime or other wrongful act with another person or persons. [3 definitions]
con spirito with spirit; vivaciously; energetically (used as a musical direction).
constable a peace officer, esp. in a small town or village. [2 definitions]
constabulary a district's police force or group of constables. [3 definitions]
constancy the quality of being constant or invariable, as in purpose, opinion, or devotion; steadfastness; loyalty. [2 definitions]
constant unchanging; uniform. [4 definitions]
Constantine I the ruler of the Roman Empire in 306-37 A.D. (b.280A.D.?--d.337 A.D.).
Constantinople the former name of Istanbul, from 330 A.D. to 1930.
constantly continuously; unceasingly. [3 definitions]
constellate to gather in, or as if in, a constellation; cluster.
constellation any of eighty-eight groupings or patterns of stars named after the animals, objects, or mythological characters they are thought to resemble. [3 definitions]
consternation surprise and alarm, leading to panic, deep disappointment, or total confusion.
constipate to cause constipation in.