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convict to find (a person) guilty of a crime or misdemeanor, esp. after a legal proceeding. [3 definitions]
conviction the process or act of finding a person guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. [3 definitions]
convince to cause to accept or believe; persuade (often fol. by "of").
convinced confident in one's belief about something.
convincing able to make one believe in the validity or truth of what is being presented.
convivial enjoying feasting, drinking, and socializing; sociable. [2 definitions]
convocation the act of convoking or the state of being convoked. [2 definitions]
convoke to summon to an assembly; convene.
convolute to wind around; coil. [2 definitions]
convoluted folded in twists and coils. [2 definitions]
convolution a complexity of coils, twists, and folds. [4 definitions]
convolve to roll, twist, or wind together; coil up.
convolvulus any of several twining, twisting, or erect plants bearing trumpet-shaped flowers and triangular leaves.
convoy to go with and protect, esp. by an armed force or ships. [5 definitions]
convulse to cause to shake heavily and uncontrollably, as with laughter, pain, or fear. [3 definitions]
convulsion a violent, involuntary, spasmodic contraction of the muscles. [3 definitions]
convulsive of, resembling, or afflicted by one or more convulsions or spasms.
cony a rabbit or rabbitlike animal such as a pika. [2 definitions]
coo to make the sound of, or a sound like, the low murmuring call of a dove or pigeon. [4 definitions]
co-occur combined form of occur.
co-occurrence combined form of occurrence.